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Complete and Partial Removable Dentures Need and Functions

Teeth are an important part of human anatomy. They don’t only perform the life-enabling function of chewing food that breaks down to provide energy to the human body, but they also play a vital role in determining people’s smiles. Now, your smile is a significant part of your overall personality. If your teeth are straight and perfect, then they will form a beautiful smile that will seem warm and welcoming to other people, however in contrast, if you feature missing or crooked teeth, then your appearance may seem mean and ugly to other people.

Hence, in order to avoid oral problems and to form a pretty and cute smile, people undergo various treatments. One such treatment is the use of partial removable dentures and complete dentures. Here is all that you need to learn about them.

What are dentures?

Before understanding what are complete and partial removable dentures, let us first try to find an appropriate answer to what are dentures.

Now, sometimes because of natural reasons like age and other times as a result of some unusual occurrences like accidents, people end up losing their teeth. Because of this, it becomes difficult for them to enjoy or properly chew their meal. And there is this fact that permanent missing teeth may also seem unattractive. Hence, in order to remedy this situation, dentures are used.

In easy words, dentures can be defined as artificial teeth and gums that are created by the dentists to fit your mouth in order to replace your lost or missing original teeth. They are basically your teeth replacements. Now, these dentures are of two types, the partial dentures, and the complete dentures. We will learn about them in detail in our next section.

What are partial and complete dentures?

Now let us see what these two types of dentures are-

• Partial dentures-
Partial dentures are the removable artificial teeth and gums that are created to replace some teeth. They are used in a situation when all teeth are not lost, and either one or more natural teeth remain in place in the upper or lower jaw. In partial dentures, the artificial teeth use an acrylic metal frame which has claps that snap on the remaining natural teeth to fill in the empty spaces.

Now, this type of denture is referred to as removable because patients can remove it and reinsert it whenever they like, without needing any professional help. That is why this type is denture is a preferred choice of people.

• Complete dentures
Now, this second type of denture refers to the fixture of artificial teeth in the patient’s mouth after he has lost most of his original teeth from the upper or lower jaw. This type of denture generally consists of a pink or gum-colored base and natural appearing teeth. Sometimes, a patient may have some teeth in his upper or lower arch, and still, he might want to get complete dentures. Now, in such cases, first tooth extractions are performed by dentists, and later a complete denture is fixed into place. In the present time, while designing a complete denture, the dentists pay attention to take into account the shade and shape of the denture that will better complement the patient’s needs.

Thus, partial and complete dentures are artificial teeth that are used by patients for functional and aesthetic reasons. They make people’s life easy. Now if you also think to try dentures, then contact us at Radhika Confi-Dental & Implant Centre, an reliable dental clinic in Ghaziabad

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