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Dental Jewelry

Dental Jewelry also known as tooth jewelry is the latest fashion trend and a creative way to enhance your smile by placing on your teeth gemstones, semi-precious stones, and other types of dental jewelry available in different colors like white, blue, orange, yellow, pink and green.

Dental jewelry is available in different designs like round or star shaped and diamond studs mostly placed or embedded on your front teeth. Gemstones can be genuine or they may be artificial as per customer tastes.

Diamonds have emerged as the most popular gemstone used for dental jewelry that is placed on the upper lateral incisors. The procedure for incorporating dental jewelry is totally painless and does not damage the teeth in any way. Our dentists take utmost care and provide regular hygienist cleaning when placing the twinkles diamonds and brio crystals as this type of tooth jewelry is specially manufactured for dental use and they can be easily applied and removed.

At Radhika Confi-dental – twinkles diamonds and brio crystals are designed to bond without damaging your tooth and are quite long lasting and easy to remove by our expert dentists. We attach tooth jewelry by using a bonding agent that our dentists generally use for attaching orthodontic brackets thereby ensuring the highest safety and security standards for your teeth.

Our 24K gold and diamonds are genuine and you can get your tooth jewels or accessories in many different styles and colors. So get ready for a dazzling smile to be the center of attraction.

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