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Scaling Polishing

Scaling and polishing of your teeth reduce the risk of gum diseases and build up of plaque bacteria in the teeth. Regular dental cleaning and checkups are important to prevent dental diseases from developing and your dentist may recommend that you have professional dental cleaning called a scale and polish to get your teeth properly cleaned.

Dental cleaning and polishing of your teeth are important for your dental hygiene that acts as a shield so that you can have your healthy teeth with an attractive smile. A scale and polish are done by a dentist or hygienist who during the first ‘scrape’ stage removes the deposits of plaque and tartar. The next step involves ‘polishing’ the teeth to make the surface really smooth.

At Radhika Confi-Dental, our dentists use highly specialized instruments for scaling and polishing services with the deposits being removed without harming the teeth. Our dental scaling polishing technique is a process of using advanced dental instruments to remove the plaque and tarter without damaging your gums. Through teeth polishing, our dentists remove the surface stains while making your teeth smooth and shiny.

The scaling and polishing are provided to you on a case by case basis at the absolute discretion of the clinic. So drop into our clinic today and walk away with a set of clean teeth that are as good as new.

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