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  •  Medical Services <span>That You Can Trust</span>

    Medical Services That You Can Trust

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    We Care for You

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    Qualified Staff With Expertise in Services We Offer

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening procedures involve removing or repairing discolored yellow and stained teeth. Our dentists help you in achieving a brighter smile w...

Root Canal Treatment

The technological advancements in the science of dentistry have made root canal treatment painless, less time consuming and economical. Now, singl...

Invisible Braces (Orthodontics Treatment)

Dental braces also known as invisible braces are one of the advanced and new methods of straightening the teeth without using wire and bracket. Den...

Crowns and Bridges

Dental Prosthodontists treatment involves rejuvenating oral functions with the help of crowns and bridges such as complete and partial, fixed bridg...

Health and Medical

If you are looking for best dentists then look no further as our dentist surgeons are passionate about helping you in achieving a healthy and beautiful smile while making your appointment as comfortable as possible. Our Key Dental Services include

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Radhika Dental Clinic & Facial Aesthetic Centre offers the best holistic dentistry and cosmetic centre in Vijay Nagar, Ghaziabad with the top dentists in Ghaziabad offering our clients cutting edge regenerative medical treatments and procedures to ensure bio safety and therapeutic efficacy.

Meet Our Dentist at Radhika Dental Clinic & Facial Aesthetic Centre

Dr. Praveen Kumar (PGDCC, BDS, MIDA, MHA)

PGDCC ( University of Messina) Italy. BDS , MIDA , MHA (Amity University)

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Radhika Dental Clinic & Facial Aesthetic Centre's blog discusses everything that makes the dental care world go round.

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