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The advancements in medical science has enabled dentists to provide or render botulinum toxin, otherwise known as BoNT –A (Botox®) treatment for their patients for both oral and maxillofacial cosmetic and therapeutic use. A number of BoNT-A products are now available to be used for dental therapeutic uses in a number of areas. Patients with temporomandibular disorders are benefitting from Botox treatments.

At Radhika Confi-dental, our dentists have expertise in providing Botox treatment as they are highly skilled in assessing the balance and overall aesthetics of your face. Our dentists have undergone extensive training in the anatomy of the head and neck with their years of experience in treatment procedures such as sinus lifts, implant replacement, complex endodontic treatment and other oral and IV sedation techniques.

Through our Botox treatment, our dentists can wipe out file lines especially in the area of your eyebrows and your forehead thereby creating a youthful tightness to your skin and empowering you to smile without any inhibitions about your facial looks.

The professional dentists of Radhika Confi-dental, has expertise in using cosmetic injections to complement dental restorations thereby providing our patients more visually pleasing results.

Botox is safe and convenient treatment procedure that does not leave patients with any swelling, bruising, sutures, stiff features or a long recovery period. Our Botox treatment is nearly permanent and requires only normal tooth maintenance.

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