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The advancements in medical science has enabled dentists to provide or render botulinum toxin, otherwise known as BoNT –A (Botox®) treatment for their patients for both oral and maxillofacial cosmetic…

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Dental Jewelry

Dental Jewelry also known as tooth jewelry is the latest fashion trend and a creative way to enhance your smile by placing on your teeth gemstones, semi-precious stones, and other types of…

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Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings involves cleaning the decayed tooth material and then filling the cleaned out cavity with a filling material to restore the damaged tooth to bring it back to its normal…

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Scaling Polishing

Scaling and polishing of your teeth reduce the risk of gum diseases and build up of plaque bacteria in the teeth. Regular dental cleaning and checkups are important to prevent…

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Dental Implants (Implantology)

Dental Implants can be defined as artificial teeth or prosthesis as one option for the replacement of one or more missing natural teeth and in some cases – the whole…

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