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How to Take Care of Your Mouth and Teeth to Be Healthy

Keeping your mouth and teeth healthier throughout your lifespan will aid you considerably in preventing many problems while you become old. You can achieve this only by having a routine oral checkup at a well-established dental clinic. Radhika Dental Clinic is one such dental facility in Vijay Nagar, offering a range of dental services with the holistic approach. As we are having a team of highly experienced and skilled dentists, you can rest guaranteed that through our affectionate dental care, you could maintain your oral health in an effective way.

How are you benefitted by our dental clinic?

When you come to our clinic for your oral checkup, our dentists will systematically diagnose your mouth and teeth for their health condition. We will steer you to the right path to improve your overall oral health in an effective and affordable way.

A healthy mouth, as well as the teeth, are more vital than you might think. You use them to speak, to eat, to smile, and more, so deprived oral health will have an effect on any or all of these aspects. By keeping these traits in our mind, at Radhika Dental Clinic, we are committed to offering our dental care to improve your self-confidence as well as to motivate you to have attractive facial aspects. Furthermore, having improved oral health is not at all difficult with our dental clinic, as we will offer you useful lifetime tips to maintain your mouth and teeth in a healthy condition.

At Radhika Dental Clinic, we are committed to offering helpful tips for your entire family through our skilled family dentists.  They will suggest effective ways to have regular dental care to maintain the health of your mouth and teeth so that you can keep yourself away from a variety of oral problems, including:

  • Cavities
  • Gum infection
  • Oral cancer
  • Bad odor
  • Pale teeth

Above all, our dentists will aid you greatly in improving your self-esteem in an easy and effective way.

Our helpful and effective tips to maintain good oral health

  • Brush your teeth gently on all sides with a soft-bristle toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.
  • Use little circular movements and short backward and forward strokes.
  • Brush along your gum line gently and carefully.
  • Brush your tongue flippantly to help maintain your mouth in a hygienic condition.

Finally, clean around your mouth and teeth through dental floss. Flossing them carefully will remove plaque as well as the leftover foods that a toothbrush cannot achieve.

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Restore your smile with Metal Free Dental Crown

Dental crowns restore damaged, discolored and weakened teeth that have snatched your bright smile – all in a painless procedure. Serious damage to your teeth may be caused by a number of reasons including decay, root fillings and others. However, this procedure can also be done by your dentist to help hold the bridge of your teeth or dentures.

The usual procedure is to use dental impressions from your teeth prepared by a dentist who will then adjust the crown or cover outside your mouth. Capping material is included in general during your next visit to the clinic. This indirect restoration procedure allows dentists to use strong restorative materials and time-consuming fabrication methods that require strong heat such as casting metal or porcelain on fire. This is definitely not possible in the mouth.

Benefits of getting a metal-free dental crown

You have several options for choosing a dental crown. Although metals are often popular, we prefer to use metal-free porcelain or zirconia restorations that produce very realistic and long-lasting results. In addition to the aesthetic benefits of porcelain, Metal-free crowns also offer a number of other advantages over metal crowns, including how they affect the surrounding teeth.

  • Human-like appearance

The best dental restoration is what you cannot distinguish from your teeth. However, the purpose of restoring your smile is to return it to health, strength and natural beauty. Porcelain and zirconia dental crowns are semi-transparent, like tooth enamel, and can be colored to match the shade and color of your teeth. Unlike metal crowns, they are specifically designed to blend with your smile while restoring your decayed or damaged teeth.

  • Natural, Feel Comfortable

Metal-free porcelain or zirconia crowns are made specifically for your smile so that they fit naturally and naturally healthy teeth. A comfortable fit will make biting, chewing, and speaking more effective, and ingredients such as soft originals will create minimal friction on the opponent’s teeth.

  • No more allergic reactions

Some patients reject the metal used in restoration because they have an allergic reaction. This will cause the gums and socket to become irritated and even inflamed, so by using a metal-free dental crown we can avoid this reaction.

  • Safe and Effective During Pregnancy

Because the contents are mercury free, they are safe for patients of all ages and can overcome a number of oral health problems. Using mercury-free patches is very important for pregnant women, where mercury fillings can increase the risk of brain damage and neurological disorders for their unborn babies. Now, pregnant women do not need to delay their oral health needs because the metal-free fillings offered are a safe alternative with minimal health risks.

Metal-free dental crown looks better, lasts longer, and doesn’t sacrifice any functionality compared to traditional restorations. Metal-free crowns are a combination of the highest quality and durability.

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Dental Implants: A Solution to Lost Teeth

As we know that dental implants are nothing but the artificial teeth. These artificial teeth replace the original teeth. These dental implants are surrounded by the gum and the natural bones. You must be interest to know what will happen if we do not replace our lost tooth with dental implant?

If the lost tooth is not replaced with the dental implement at a proper time then, there are more chances that the surrounding bones may also disappear and while smiling gums will appear. Our clinic is prominent as the best dental implants clinics in Ghaziabad. You may have a question that what is the age limit to insert those dental implants? These dental implants treatment is not for the children below 17years of age, pregnant women and those who are suffering from teeth diseases.

Our clinic has the prominent dental implants doctors in Ghaziabad. These doctors are highly professional and have years of experience. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our clinic as we provide the best implant service in Ghaziabad. Our doctors do dental implants treatment with tremendous integrity, dedication and passion. Hence, don’t hesitate to come and take some proper treatment that will benefit you!

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